10 Meter Contest 2019

The 2019 10 meter contest was unfortunately at the low end of the sun spot activity. That of course meant that the band was pretty quiet this year but everybody still had fun. Special thanks to Buddy and Melinda Mccartt to opening up their home to all of us!

George W4IMP
George KI4WMP once again had the magic touch and had a couple of contacts from Brazil.
Stephen KF4DNY made his first international contact to Uruguay. Way to go!
That is a huge smile on Irene’s (KN4ZHL) face as she made her first ever HF contact. Congratulations Irene as she caught the DX bug.
Everyone was well fed as the food just kept coming! Between the chili, hotdogs and butter pecan cake nobody went hungry (pictured left to right Irene KN4ZHL, George KI4WMP, Joy WA4JOY and Virgil W4OME) (Not pictured: Bill KC8SPV and Nancy KC8VTT)
Some active discussions happened in the background as well. (pictured left to right Matt KN4YKN, Julian W5EDQ, Paul KT4PN, Kelly KN4RCU and Buddy KG4ELF) (Not pictured: Bill KC8SPV and Nancy KC8VTT)