10 Meter Contest 2020

Saturday December 12th was a cold and rainy day outside. We had just barely got up the three 10-meter dipole antennas before the skies opened up with heavy rain. The 10-meter band responded as well with good signals into and out of South America, We were fortunate to have three HF rigs operating which allowed for multiple operators to join in on the hunt. A little coordination was required so we did not work the same stations multiple times. It was amazing that one operator could hear stations that the others could not and vice versa.

Bill KC8PV took a turn while Nancy KC8VTT looked up call signs

As the propagation changed we soon lost the Southern stations but made multiple contacts into Minnesota and the Midwest. By mid-day Saturday we had more contacts then we had all together in the past five years combined! As the time went on so did our signals reaching the west coast with Washington, California, Oregon and Nevada booming in. It took a lot of work but we finally worked a Kentucky station adding to our points. 

The tower supported two G5RV dipole antennas plus a vertical
Here is the temporary setup with three 10-meter dipoles
Stephen KF4DNY working the FT3000 station