ARES-Fentress County

Welcome to the Fentress County ARES portion of the web site. This portion of the web site is for use primarily by registered ARES members for the purpose of providing emergency communication services.

We also hold a weekly check-in NET now on the 443.625 MHz (was on the 147.090 MHz) repeater on Thursdays at 7:00pm CT. There is no tone on the repeater currently but in case of QRM a tone of 100 Hz will be utilized. The Fentress simplex frequency of 146.550MHz will be used for point to point communications. The group normally meets at the Fentress County E911 center located at 116 Justice Center Drive, Jamestown TN 38556 on the last Monday of each month at 7:00pm CT. Check the NET for any updates before heading to the meeting. All amateur radio operators and others that are interested are encouraged to attend the meeting.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Austin Cates (austin.cates AT as our Fentress County Emergency Coordinator.

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Fentress EMA/E911 in the news!

Below is a form to help register for the ARES program. Please email it back to Austin with your information or bring it to the next meeting.

Operating EMCOMM NETS is a skill we all need to develop. While it may seem intimating at first it this preamble will help guide you through it. We encourage everyone to take a turn at being NCS for the evening.

Want to know how the state of Tennessee prepares for emergency communications here is their field operations guide.

Below is weather spotter reporting procedures that you may find helpful.

Another great resource is the weather spotter field guide.