ARES SET Oct 3rd 2020

Thanks to all took the time to volunteer their time to participate and to fill out the evaluations. Our next full scale SET is planned for October 2022. Below is a link to our After Action Report:

After a long hiatus, the Big South Fork ARES units conducted a simplified Simulated Emergency Test (SET) to determine our current capacities for communications within the 4 counties that we serve.

The exercise started at Noon eastern time on Saturday October 3rd, 2020 and lasted until approximately 2PM. 

The SET attempted to communicate across counties using our normal repeaters for an initial callup at 1200 local time. Simple messages were generated for stations to send to the destination stations. This helped test stations ability to accurately copy and pass messages to other stations.

All voice exchanges began and ended with the phrase “This is a drill.” Written messages contained the phrase “This is a drill” as part of the precedence, e.g., Drill Priority, in the message pre­amble. Written messages included the phrase “This is a drill” as the first words in the text (or body) of the message.

Should an ACTUAL emergency have occured at any time during the exercise the drill would have stopped, and the phrase “REAL WORLD” (preferably repeated three times) would have be used to indicate that exercise play is suspended until further notice or until the emergency is resolved. 

It is important to note that we were NOT looking to have a flawless exercise – but we were to observe how effectively we may participate and a chance to identify our individual/group shortcomings while making notes on these. We have conducted several review meetings to reveal where we need improvement, and to identify additional training the BSFARC ARES team will continue to develop and provide to our members. This will allow us to develop exercises in the near future to test and measure our improvement in key areas needed. MISTAKES WERE WELCOMED !! – IT’S HOW WE WILL LEARN TO BE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS

The following links are provided post exercise as a resource for not only next time but also to gain a better understanding of what each participant was doing.