Backroads of Appalachia 2022

The Backroads of Appalachia gravel rally will be held in McCreary County Kentucky on April 30th 2022. The Shakedown is set for April 29th, in the afternoon time to be determined. It really doesn’t require more than radio communication from one end to the other.

This page shows the graphic and below that is a button to download that graphic in a PDF format. A complete set of files for Saturday are available below:

Shake Down April 29th 14:30-16:30 is the reverse of the first section of Mark Of the Beast and is run in this direction only during Shakedown. Co-ordinates define section of road not controls.
Start 3678225,-84.588956 which are TBD. Length is to be ~ 1.2 miles

Shakedown Detail
SS13 with shakedown section

The file below is the rally schedule which gives coordinates for these controls.

The actual rally is April 30th. They would like to start 7:15-7:30 (Eastern) if possible, at the first control. When looking at the maps you will see notes indicating ATC & FTC. ATC is the Arrival Time Control and FTC is the Finish Time Control. The first 8 stages may have concurrent operation and all of the other stages will be run singularly.  The location of the service park MTC (Main Time Control) which will also be the HQ for the rally.

There are 13 stages in McCreary county that will be run. Stages one through seven will be run west of 27, south of 92. Stage eight is by itself, east of 27, south of 92. And the last five stages, 9-13 will be run west of 27, north of 92.

LCARC members have already scouted and located repeater locations for each group of stages. Their club members will drive their vehicles to those locations. The largest contingent of HAM volunteers will be assigned to individual stages, but probably work up to 4-5 stages for the day, but with gaps between stages. Food is being provided as well as water.

At the moment, radio operators will need a 2M HT/Mobile equipment for the Start/Finish for the stages being run. The frequencies we are using for the repeaters will be 146.550 down at the stages, with a crossband using UHF 445.7375 to the main Comms Control trailer at the fairgrounds. There will be two repeaters for each group of stages. Based on initial testing it was not possible to cover most of the stages from Start/Finish and be heard by Comms Control at the fairgrounds without the use of the repeaters.

A skeleton crew is needed for Friday during the “Shakedown” stage to test the radio equipment back to Comms Control. The race organizers haven’t finalized the schedule yet for both days, but once established it will be sent to the volunteers. KY4CKP will be sending out an email for all volunteers so that everyone can sign-up on the volunteer website. This is to ensure insurance coverage for all of the volunteers including radio operators.

Here is an overview of the course areas
Service Park Overview
Remote Refuel and Observation Area
Northwest course overview
Southeast course overview
Southwest course overview
Above is the race HQ
SS9, SS10, SS11 and SS12