Club Activities

Club Activities

From contesting to emergency services amateur radio provides many options for each operator.  Additional pages are found under our menu as well.

Fox Hunting

Looking for some fun? Try hunting for a hidden transmitter using a simple yagi antenna and your 2-meter radio. To get into the 'sport' you will need to either purchase a small yagi antenna or build one yourself. See the download button below to obtain the plans to build your very own tape measure antenna.

When your closing in on the fox you may find the signals to be strong enough you can no longer find a peak or null with your antenna. Sometimes the signal is so strong that the RF will leak straight into the radio, connections and other equipment making the antenna useless. The solution is to use an offset attenuator. The circuit consists of a small RF generator, in this case 4MHz, which will mix with the incoming fox signal (such as 146.52MHz) and produce new signals at plus and minus the fox signal (142.52Mhz and 150.52Mhz). A potentiometer on the board changes the injection level of the RF generator which in turn attenuates the incoming mixed signal to your radio to a level where tracking can continue. A decent little kit is offered by KC9ON see his web site for more information:


Want to see more about fox hunting well look no further as here is a link to our June outing! CLICK HERE