FCC RF Exposure

The new FCC RF exposure rules are now in effect and these may be some questions as to how it impacts each of us as individual amateur radio operators and station owners. I want to remind all the club members in our section that the ARRL is here to help both clarify and provide direction as we move forward from here. 

However, keep in mind that most are already in compliance and will not be impacted by the new ruling. Some are concerned that there will be reports to be filed to the FCC, complex measurements, and extensive calculations, and that is simply not the case. I urge all the various club leaders to communicate to their members the ARRL information resources for assistance.

Please review the ARRL website’s extensive RF information at ARRL fcc-rf-exposure-regulations-the-station-evaluation . Here you will find several detailed articles on the subject and step-by-step approach. In addition to the ARRL website info there is a great detailed video produced by N2RJ Ria Jairam, Director of the ARRL Hudson Division, that provides a wealth of information and detail concerning the FCC RF exposure regs and how a station evaluation could be performed. That video can be viewed at the link: Ria’s Shack on YouTube.com.

I hope this information will be helpful and help dispel concerns on being compliant to the new FCC RF exposure regs. Amateur Radio operators and the ARRL have historically pride themselves in being FCC compliant and preserving our radio privileges. Together, we can continue this endeavour and preserve our radio future.

73, and stay safe!

Dudley Pitts KM4IYQ

ARRL East TN Affiliated Club Coordinator



Member – SOTA.