Fox Hunt June 2020

Open season on fox (hidden transmitter) was postponed due to COVID-19 but we finally had a beautiful day to go hunting. We had about 10 people (8 hunters) who journeyed out from the Morgan County E911 center promptly at 10:15 am to track the fox. W5EDQ did the inital call out on the simplex frequency which allowed everyone to hear him a couple of miles away.

The group socially distanced due to COVID-19

While we could not hear the fox directly we took a moment to look over everyone’s antenna setup.

Some last minute instructions before we headed out

Once we got the the courthouse square we heard the signal loud and clear. Too loud sometimes as we struggled to isolate the null by turning the antenna perpendicular and even sideways! 

Looking down the yagi antenna for the fox!

Of course it was hot and the sun was beating down on us so no final pictures. 🙁 The fox was shown to us since we got close but no one touched it. It was located in a PVC pipe at the base of a utility pole! We had warned Julian not to make it too hard but evidently he did not listen and wanted to challenge us.  His turn is coming this fall when he becomes the hunter! Hope to see everyone out and about for our next open hunt.

Build your own fox hunting antenna CLICK HERE