Fox Hunt October 2021

The October 2021 Fox Hunt (ARDF Amateur Radio Directional Finding) event had 10 participants all enjoyed a day in the Oneida City Park. The morning started off with a talk in on the 145.350 repeater. As participants arrived starting at 11:00am they were introduced to the practice course consisting of three traffic cones with an orange flag sticking out of one. This signified the location of the ‘fox’. During the next hour the transmitter was re-hidden in one of the three cones for more practice.

At noon the group took a break from hunting and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the pavilion. During the lunch/social hour we caught up with each other on what was happening in their world. Believe it or not there was very little talk about ham radio!!

After we were all refreshed the fox was hidden somewhere in the general area. One of our hunters found the decoy which was simply an antenna laying in the fork of a tree. The actual transmitter was located in another tree about 30 feet away and was discovered by Stephen KI4NG first. The next round the transmitter was placed underneath a picnic table in a pavilion across from our picnic pavilion. This time Jerry KB4PNG found it in record time. The final round provided a bit more challenge as the fox was hidden towards the front or exit of the park. The only clues given were not helpful as “it is somewhere between here and the front gate and within 50 feet of asphalt”. Once again Stephen KI4NG was the most efficient. Jerry KB4PNG was thrown off as the fox was located in the rafters under a metal roof of another pavilion. The roof radiated the signal very well!!! Julian W5EDQ swore it was by the fire-truck display which was across the street from the pavilion with the transmitter. Eric KN4JUR seemed to finish 2nd each time and was very consistent in his hunting techniques.

It was good to see Carolyn (Julian’s wife) Paul KT4PN and Missy KC4ALK who provided support (ok laughed at us) for the hunting party.

Special thanks to Bill KF4TY for not totally forgetting where he hid the fox and to Nancy KC8VTT for the lunch spread (meat/cheese/bread and condiments) which was shared with everybody. We would also like to thank Wayne KK4ZNA for the use of his fox for this event.