June 2020 Field Day

Field Day was held on June 27th with the BSFARC deploying to the East Rim overlook within the Big South Fork park. While the weather threatened it did not really rain. Bill (KC8SPV) and Nancy (KC8VTT) set up their RV with the generator and grill to host the day. The club was operational on HF and the local 145.350 repeater between 10 am and 4pm. Between Bill and Stephen (KF4DNY) they made numerous contacts around the county on 20-meters. It got busy after 2:00pm and it was hard to compete with other stations running 6-element beams and 1500 watts of power!  Charlie (W4IIC) and Carol (KJ4QFD) stopped by with their dog to lend some support as well.  (COVID-19 impacted the day a bit as many stations were operating from the normal QTH.

This was our setup at the East Rim overlook on Saturday
Stephen KF4DNY took a turn at making some contacts