No Business 100 2019

Below is the aid station assignments for the 2019 event. Not shown is Paul LT4PN and Jerry KB4PNG which were used as a rover to ensure we had proper coverage at each location while lending technical help as well.

This map was used to provide general directions to the location of the aid stations as they were new to us.

The No Business 100 was held on October 12-13th in 2019. The BSFARC was able to staff the Duncan Hollow aid station (Buddy KG4ELF/Virgil W4OME), John Muir aid station (Will KN4TDX, Matt KN4YKN and Irene KN4ZHL), Grand Gap aid station (George KI4WMP/Don WD8JHL), Bandy Creek aid station and net control (Bill KC8SPV/Nancy KC8VTT) in addition to a roving team (Paul KT4PN/Jerry KB4PNG)

Just after the sun came up and it was still cold as Bill KC8SPV opened the race net.
The Bandy Creek aid station/net control used a 2-meter/70cm J-pole antenna on a painters pole secured to the chain link fence. The cable in the air is actually for the WiFi hot spot provided for race communications.
Our team worked with the volunteer staff which happened to include a doctor who was at Bandy Creek before moving onto Pickett State park.
The view from the Bandy Creek radio location. Far enough in the back of the pavilion as not to interfere with race operations but close enough to catch the action.
The essential: paper and pen for taking notes, clip boards with the race information, cell phone used for timing, water/peanuts for nourishment and of course a radio and power supply.
This is a typical timing station where the runners would cross over the mat which recorded their RFID badge information,
They tried to track the runners using GPS which did not work all that well.
Runner (walking) approaching the Bandy Creek aid station.
Some of the runner’s ‘crew’ ready camped out in the area to help provide aid and support.