No Business 100 – 2022

This event is coordinated by the Fentress County ARES team and supported by BSFARC.

Looking for volunteers to help with the ultra-marathon on Friday, October 14th through Saturday, October 15th, 2022 for the 6th annual No Business 100. A single 100 mile loop course hosted out of Pickett CCC Memorial State Park in Jamestown, Tennesse.

The No Business Hundred is a 100-mile loop course with roughly 14,500 feet of ascent that traverses through the heart of the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. The course begins in Tennessee crosses the state line into Kentucky and loops back around on some of the most scenic & picturesque trails in the southeast. Each year they reverse the direction of the course and for 2022 it is counterclockwise. The total race has an overall cutoff time is 33 hours.

The race liaison will be Austin K5QF the Fentress County ARES Emergency Coordinator and he is looking for volunteers as radio operators at each aid station. You do NOT need to be a member of any club or organization to help out with radio communications. Reach out to Austin for more information at his call sign of K5QF at PM.ME which is his email. All aid stations are accessible by a normal vehicle, but some walking is required.

The current plan is to staff the south side of the course with Bandy Creek aid-station being the relay to the NB100 race coordinator. Sawmill, Bandy Creek, Grand Gap and Duncan Hollow will make up the southern ham radio equipped aid stations. If we get more volunteers, we can staff more aid stations taking the communications burden off of the regular aid station volunteers. Towards the end of the course, we will be assisting the team at Great Meadows to setup a 50-watt EMA supplied radio. We are also evaluating the Blue Heron aid station to see if we can re-locate the 50-watt EMA radio used for the relay work at Bandy Creek. This would help minimize the number of hours that we need to staff Bandy Creek and Peters Mountain. More to follow as the radio plan becomes more developed!

Below is the start of the aid station information with starting and ending times. Note: All times are based on the central time zone since the race begins and ends within the central time zone.

Aid StationMileageNextFacilityOperationalDe-mobilize
Group Camp – Start0.08.4RFWB Image result for Wifi Symbol ASCII. Size: 103 x 106. Source: www.vectorstock.com07:30am (Fri)08:00am (Fri)
Pickett8.45.4RFWBImage result for Wifi Symbol ASCII. Size: 103 x 106. Source: www.vectorstock.com08:30am (Fri)10:45am (Fri)
Sawmill13.87.3RFW09:30am (Fri)12:30pm (Fri)
Charit Creek21.14.5RFWB10:30am (Fri)02:45pm (Fri)
Bandy Creek25.64.6RFWBImage result for Wifi Symbol ASCII. Size: 103 x 106. Source: www.vectorstock.com11:30am (Fri)04:15pm (Fri)
Grand Gap30.27.3RFW12:15pm (Fri)05:45pm (Fri)
Duncan Hollow37.59.5RFW01:30pm (Fri)08:00pm (Fri)
Laurel Hill47.18.5RFW03:15pm (Fri)11:15pm (Fri)
Ledbetter55.67.2RFW04:45pm (Fri)02:00am (Sat)
Blue Heron62.86.4RFWBImage result for Wifi Symbol ASCII. Size: 103 x 106. Source: www.vectorstock.com06:00pm (Fri)———
Blue Heron69.27.4RFWBImage result for Wifi Symbol ASCII. Size: 103 x 106. Source: ———-06:15am (Sat)
Bald Knob76.65.8RFW08:30pm (Fri)08:45am (Sat)
Spring Branch82.45.5RFW09:30pm (Fri)10:30am (Sat)
Peters Mountain87.94.3RFWB10:45pm (Fri)12:15pm (Sat)
Great Meadow92.25.9RFWB11:30pm (Fri)01:45pm (Sat)
Blevins Cemetery98.14.2RFW12:30am (Sat)03:30pm (Sat)
Group Camp – Finish102.3RFWBImage result for Wifi Symbol ASCII. Size: 103 x 106. Source: www.vectorstock.com01:30am (Sat)05:00pm (Sat)

Facility Key: (R)adio, (F)ood, (W)ater, (B)athrooms

WiFi is limited but available at the following aid stations: group camp, Pickett State Park, Bandy Creek and Blue Heron.