Sawbriar 5K, 10K and Half Marathon

Sawbriar 5K, 10K and Half Marathon

Come out and lend us your voice as part of the Sawbriar 1/2 marathon race on April 23rd. The race starts at 10:00AM central time and the last runner is expected around 2:00PM central time. The start/finish line is at the Sawbriar brewery located behind Highland Manor Winery at 2965 US127 in Jamestown.

To volunteer send John (KX4WH) an email (pattykb1tuy at and let him know you are ready to help out!

04-05-2022 UPDATE: The race is 10:00 central time on Saturday the23 of April. The radio operators will meet at the Highland Winery on the 16th to test all radio equipment at noon. We will be using the simplex frequency of 146.535 with the 147.090 repeater with no tone as a backup. There are three aid stations we will be stationed at along with possibility of two more that are off the main road. John will have additional information on the sag vehicle next week. John will also have maps for the racecourse for everyone to have and use.

  • Race starts at South driveway at Highland Winery.
  • Net control will be at the south driveway of the Winery.
  • Aid Station #1 is at the Gulf Station next to Armory.
  • Aid Station # 2 is at the Green shipping Containers.
  • Aid Station #3 is on Coons Road just north off of Ronoke Rd
  •  Turn around is at the 55 mph sigh south of Ronoke rd at North town Rd.

The radio operators will not be keeping any record or runners. Radio operators are there for safety only. The Jamestown Rescue will be directing traffic for this event. The State Troopers will be handling the traffic along US127. An ambulance will be stationed at the airport driveway and comm will be at the north end of Roanoke Road and the south end of Roanoke Road. They will supply a SAG vehicle to pick up anyone who needs a ride.

  *Everyone will be on their station by 0900 on 23 April 2022

  *50 watts radio will be preferred but if someone only has a HT will will station that person in between to other stations if needed

  *John would like there to be two people per station to give a break to each other.

 We will meet at the Winery on the 20th now at 12:00pm (central time) to test all radios and everyone will know where their spot will be. This should be fun for the new people to do as it is not a long race, and it will end around 2 pm central time give or take.

John S. (KX4WH) will be our Net Control Station (NCS) located at the start/finish line handling all race communications and amateur radio team logistics. Aid Station 1 is located just North of the airport on US127 and about 1.5 miles into the race. This is also the turn-around point for the 5K. Aid Station 2 is at the 3-mile mark near Roanoke Road on US127 and that is the turn-around point for the 10K portion of the race. They will have a flagger at the 5-mile mark on US127 which is the turn-around point for the half marathon. The final aid station (#3) located off of US127 on Roanoke Road at the 6-mile interval. The half marathon runners will do a loop and pass by aid station 3 again but this will be the 8.5-mile interval. They will run back up US127 to the North passing aid stations 2 and 1 before returning the start/finish line at the brewery. In addition to the start/finish line and the 3 aid-stations there will also be a mobile unit to patrol the course as well. A total of 5 locations will need radio operator volunteers.

We will be using this as a training exercise for emergency communications and expect to pair recently licensed amateur radio operators with an experienced volunteer to help them learn.

John KW4WH would like to do a field test of radios on April 16th to ensure everybody knows where to be at and their radios are programmed with the right frequency. On April 23rd plan to be at your location by 9:30AM for pre-race information and coordination. Below is the race map that you may download.

Frequency or repeater: To Be Determined

Total number of participants/runners: To Be Determined

Start/Finish Line (NET Control): John KX4WH and Patty KB1TUY

Aid Station 1 (1.5 Miles): Team To Be Determined

Aid Station 2 (3.0 Miles): Team To Be Determined

Aid Station 3 (6.0 Miles): Team To Be Determined

Mobile Station: Team To Be Determined