Students Operating Amateur Radios (S.O.A.R)

The Big South Fork Amateur Radio in late 2019 started to discuss how as a club could we give back to and involve our community’s youth. The initial idea was Kitty’s (KN4LNK) who is a teacher at Central Elementary School in Wartburg. Now that we have started the S.O.A.R. program we are excited to take it to other schools and grades.

So you may ask how does Amateur Radio fit into the classroom?

  • Amateur Radio provides integration of technology, math, science, geography, writing, reading, and speaking through hands-on application of these concepts either individually or in a group;

  • Amateur Radio encourages investigation and experimentation as a basis for understanding technical subjects;
  • Amateur Radio encourages communications via a variety of methods: voice, various digital techniques, Morse code, and even Amateur Television. They also communicate by using satellites and bouncing signals off the moon;

  • Amateur Radio encourages public service through the links with state and federal disaster preparedness agencies;

  • Amateur Radio holds few roadblocks for people with disabilities. Many people who are physically challenged or visually impaired are able to participate in communicating with simple adaptive devices;

  • Amateur Radio offers a platform for life-long-learning through an active hobby that encourages competition in contesting, spreading international goodwill through friendships developed over years of communicating and advancement in technology by experimentation.


This is where our club comes in as not a teacher but as a demonstrator. We can show them the how and work with their teachers to explain the why behind the activities.  As Amateur Radio operators we have the skills to utilize our radios to communicate using various methods such as CW (Morse code), phone (voice) and digital modes. While we are not educators or experts we are passionate about our hobby we call ham radio.

We also hold special public service events where students can patriciate with us such a an ultra-marathon where we provide essential communications.  There are special days such as the school roundup contest where each school club around the world tries to contact each other. While amateur radio does require special licenses, knowledge and equipment to operate we can provide a trained operator and the radios to get the students on the air.

You can reach out to us for additional help at KC8SPV at and we would be more than happy to help in anyway we can. We have a brochure and can provide a quick overview to staff, administrators and of course the students.