USS Tennessee Behind The Scenes

Day One Photos

Brooklyn a student at Scott HS took a turn calling CQ and made her first contact!
Mike W4ISB working Europe on FT8
Stephen KI4NG working some SSB from the USS Tennessee Museum
More Nancy KC8VTT and Kelly KI4JAV working the event station
You can almost hear Kelly KI4JAV saying ” What was that call?”
MIke W4ISB with a couple of folks touring the museum
Jamie N4XJS (foreground) checking the connections as we kept knocking out the laptop
KI4JAV Kelly in her stride with Stephen KI4NG looking on
KI4JAV Kelly trying to be listen for that call in the noise
Yes, we had scripts to work from (Kelly KI4JAV)
Kelly Ki4JAV having fun and making some contacts!
Appears that Jamie N4XJS (left) is telling Bill KF4TY (center) and Stephen KI4NG (right) about his donut
How to feed an army of volunteers!
It was a bit cold in our break area, We had name tags but forgot to wear them!
A nice inviting fire in the stone cafe,
The dreaded door that would not stay shut
Hot coffee and plenty of water plus sloppy joes and chili for a cold day
Kelly KI4JAV tongue tied once again!
Kelly KI4JAV logging contacts
Stephen KI4NG sporting the club shirt while Bill KF4TY was trying to stay warm
Bill KF4TY and Stephen KI4NG looking pretty intent
Mike W4ISB making some fine adjustements
Welcome to the antenna install party
The tripod kept tipping over as it had rained over 4″ the day before
More tripod issues
Sam Krahn a high school teacher and Kelly KI4JAV
Kelly KI4JAV and Bill KF4TY setting up the logging computer
Mike W4ISB and a slingshot for hoisting up a wire antenna
Jamie N4XJS and the tripod that would not stand up!

Day 2 February 26, 2022

The USS Tennessee Battleship BB43
The front of the USS Tennessee Memorial Museum
Above the ship’s bell
As part of the museum’s renovation the bell structure will be stabilized to prevent any damage to the bell
Located in front of the museum
Mike W4ISB took a turn at SSB/phone as Jamie N4XJS looks on
Johnny (newly licensed technician) gets some pointers before making his first contact EVER!
From the foyer of the museum
One of many models of the USS Tennessee in the museum
Another scale model of the USS Tennessee Battleship
The USS Tennessee and her ‘big guns’
Some of the literature we had out for our in-person visitor
Andrew from WECO interviewing Chad Patton from the museum while Sam Krahn looks on
Andrew Knight from WECO discussing the museum with Chad Patton
Carol KF4QFD was logging for Nancy KC8VTT/AG
Carol KF4QFD and Nancy KC8VTT/AG working 40 meters
Bill KF4TY adjusting the radio
Bill KF4TY logging some contacts (extreme concertation!)
Bill KF4TY and Austin K5QF taking a vocal chord break
Bill KF4TY and Austin K5QF making 40 meter contacts finally!
Julian W5EDQ looking on as Stephen KI4NG calls CQ
Stephen KI4NG (foreground) watching Austin K5QF switch out some equipment
Kelly KI4JAV taking a break and doing some logging for Bill KF4TY
Kelly KI4JAV lost it when Bill KF4TY said Y’all for the first time on the radio
In the background was numerous visitors to the USS Tennessee museum
We even got Carol KJ4QFD logging for Stephen KI4NG
Kelly KI4JAV waiting for Jamie N4XJS to make a contact
Kelly KI4JAV logging and logging and logging!
Day 2 found we had a toaster for the bagels (Yummy)